Bitcoin Vs Gold

When it comes to buying and selling gold and precious metals ay a competitive level, we are the global leaders. This leaves us in an informed position to discuss the risks associated with investing in Bitcoins versus buying gold. 

A golden legacy

When you consider that trading gold as a means for investment has been around since 600 B.C, it’s a safe bet to assume that it will hold its value for years to come. The Bitcoin, on the other hand, has only existed since 2009, making it less than a decade old. Without a reliable pattern of maintained value to gauge its investment potential and overall value, it’s a risk not worth taking.

Steady value speaks volumes

Gold has managed to maintained an impressive value over the years with notable price spikes in 2011 and 2013. Although market fluctuations have had slight impacts on price, the shift in value is far less extreme than Bitcoins.

Whilst the value of the Bitcoin had grown substantially, almost overtaking the price of gold in November of 2013, it dropped to a third of that value in only three years. This has signalled a failure to yield returns, something that savvy investors do their utmost to avoid.

Grow your asset portfolio with IBV Gold

If you’re looking for investment opportunities that retain their value, we’ve got a host of options that can be tailored to suit your unique needs and goals. With a presence in Switzerland, South Africa, Dubai and London, we offer you convenience and peace of mind with international appeal.

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