IBV Gold Bullion Buy Back

In 4 Easy Steps

Your gold coins can be easily sold back to us through a straightforward 4-step process.

Provide us with details about your Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium Coins or Bars


IBV Gold consultants will provide daily quotes and buyback rates.


Once an agreement has been reached. IBV will test your coins or bars and lock in your price.


Immediate payment will be arranged.

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IBV Gold Global Buyback FAQ’s

What is the process when selling my gold to IBV Gold?

IBV will quote client based on their gold bullion to sell
IBV will test the clients bullion to confirm authentication of the precious metal
Client and IBV will agree to a buy back rate based of the gold purity and live gold rate
IBV will pay out client on bank transfer (upon receipt of client’s bank account confirmation)

What documentation is required for the gold buyback process?

Passport copy, Proof of residence (dated no later than 3 months), and proof of bank account details.
Additional documentation may be required upon request.

How and when will I receive payment for my gold items?

Payment will be made via electronic bank transfer and is dependent on the value of the gold.

How is the value of the gold determined?

The value is determined by the weight and purity of the gold, along with the live gold rate.

What products can I sell to IBV?

IBV Gold buys back LBMA certified gold and silver bullion coins and bars.

Will IBV arrange collection of my coins?

Products can be brought in to our branches in London, Dubai and South Africa. Alternatively, IBV can
arrange for collection of the stock from the client at an additional charge.

What confirmation do I receive of the sale my precious metals?

IBV will produce a Buy Back document, confirming the clients personal details, items for sale and
value of trade.